Frequently Asked Questions

Common Parent Questions

Where to get help paying for college?

Are you losing sleep over the dreadful question, "How can we ever afford this?"

Constantly hearing about how expensive college can be may lead to countless of sleepless nights for parents. If you only knew how untrue that is.

 In all actuality, Financial Aid for students is at an all time high of $154 billion for 2016.  With the current knowledge of, institutional and low-interest loans, this is just the beginning of a rising recordUpon your first meeting with Mark, he will explain to you just how simple this can be for you and your family. Call and make your first appointment today, and let Mark show you how stress-free paying for college can be. 

What are the secrets for paying for college?

Most families think their must be a secret way of making college more affordable. There is, but it's no secret. All you need is a trained expert, like Mark. Mark will sit down with you and your family to develop a strategic, step-by-step plan to help you pay for college. This plan will be personalized to your household income. As a trained College Planner, Mark will help you set the goals and achieve them. He's trained to know where to look and the "secrets" to helping you best save your money.

What are the steps for paying for college?

First and most importantly, start saving. A college loan is based solely on the families income, not your assets. This means your mortgage and 401K are safe and secure. College planning isn't a joke, it's not easy and it's not cheap. However, this doesn't mean it has to be hard. A licensed College Planner, like Mark, can help you determine the best way to save your money. After all, he's the professional. Call today, and let Mark show you how and where you can save your money. 


Common Student Questions

Where should I go to college?

First of all, you need to determine what your ideal career is. If you're having problems figuring out what's best for you, you can take our Industry-leading Career Matchmaker Assessment. This multiple choice based questionnaire, will help to assess your individual traits and match those with the careers best suited for you. After deciding which career path you'd like to take, you will then sit down with Mark and discuss your college options. Mark will help you pick a college that best fits your career path and your personal interests.

Which college major is right for me?

Now that you've picked a career path to follow, it's time to determine which major(s) you will need. One of the many services that Mark offers is Career Exploration. With the help of North Carolina College Planning, Mark will be able tell you which major(s) will be needed for your desired field. He will also discuss with you what is needed to achieve your goals and enhance your pay.

Why do college students drop out?

The most common reasons of why students drop-out, steam from the lack of planning. From picking the wrong career-to not liking the campus-to not being able to afford it, are just a few of the careless mistakes that can be made without a plan. It's not just about picking the right career for you; it's as equally important that you pick the right College for you. If you love your Major, but despise the new city you live in; you'll eventually become depressed. Mark can help make sure these things won't happen to you. You won't be just another drop-out statistic. 

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