Our clients receive immediate access to World Class Grad’s step-by-step guide that covers the college selection and application process from A to Z. It brakes down the complex, convoluted “college process” into easy-to-follow steps to help families choose the right college, gain admission to top schools, get the best price, and succeed after college starts, all on ONE website! Here are just a few of the benefits [...]

Whether implementing steps to reduce your EFC (expected family contributon), increase your cash flow or maximize your financial efficiency, expect that a formal professional plan will be customized to fit your family’s personal situation, needs and desires. Some families have stated this service should be mandatory for all parents with a college-bound child. [...]

If a student can start college having chosen a major and career path confident needs will be met, interests embraced and stresses avoided then the 4-year graduation rate sky rockets saving thousands in future tuition. Students take the 45-minute online assessment in the comfort of their home. Once your Birkman and Academic Supplemental Questionnaire are [...]

For families that prefer a take home physical binder, the College Planning Kit contains: A College Planning Roadmap for both Financial and Academic concerns, Documents and worksheets to help with College Priorities, Funding & Financial [...]

Parents of college bound high school students are often faced with the financial challenges of the cost of living today, paying for college in just a couple of years and retiring in the not so distant future. College and Retirement, You CAN Do Both! shows families how to navigate their way through the college years [...]

Whether your SAT or ACT test preparation preference is one-on-one tutoring, group sessions, or private online sessions, Kaplan offers varying services & price options. [...]

Jodi Eramo is credited as a CPA resource in the book, “College and Retirement, You Can Do Both”. Her unique combination of tax expertise and college planning knowledge has made her a national presence in the college planning arena. She regularly addresses audiences at national conferences and [...]

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