Parent Planning

CPR® College Planning Relief Professional Counseling


You will have the opportunity to have up to three (3) one-hour meetings, during which the following may be discussed:

  • College saving & funding options and recommendations
  • Retirement projections
  • Impact of funding college on long term financial goals
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Award letter and/or student aid report review
  • Student interview (program review, Q&A, time management, finances/expenses insights, timelines, etc.)
  • First child's FAFSA assistance



sage-scholarAccepted by more than 345 private universities, SAGE is a tuition reward program that offers scholarships. What is a Tuition Rewards program? By purchasing the SAGE academic plan, you will earn 1 point for $1. SAGE has the SAGE has the ability to offer up to the college tuition cost per one year. If you had 30,000 points and the tuition cost is  $30,000 for the school of your child’s choice than you will receive $7,500 from freshman year until graduation. 

*This is only an example, some schools may accept more and some will accept less than 30,000 points. The current maximum that any one school will accept is 52,019 points. 

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Aid Eligibility Comparison Report

The Aid Eligibility Comparison Report will show up to 5 colleges in a head-to-head format. Details included are your estimated expected family contribution (EFC) and out-of-pocket expense at each college, as well as the 4, 5 & 6 year graduation rates for each school. By using this report, you'll find out the true cost of college and make more informed decisions and save tens of thousands of dollars on your children's education.


What-if Analysis

Each family's financial composition determines their maximum financial aid eligibility. Once we take a snapshot of your financial picture we're often able to identify strategies to improve your eligibility and award packages. Our What-if Analysis is a valuable tool that can help families understand how certain financial changes can impact financial aid awards. By decreasing their EFC, aid eligibility goes up and the family's out pocket goes down.

Financial Aid Guides

We provide you with the best and most current information with our Financial Aid Guides. College financial aid can be difficult to understand and becoming confusing very quickly. That is why we provide you with our experts who put together a fantastic guide for navigating this process. Public or private, local or state, it doesn't matter. Our experts will put everything in place for you. 

Retirement Ready or Not

Parents routinely overspend on college and by the time they figure this out it's too late. All too often this leads to delaying or destroying their retirement dreams altogether. Retirement, Ready of Not, is an important tool we offer families. Assessing how college will impact parent's long term financial goals is a fundamental first step in formulating a reliable college funding plan.

College & Retirement, You Can Do Both


This book guides parents through the confusing world of college planning. The author, Scott Moffitt, is the President and Founder of Summit College Funding and CPR-College Planning Relief. This easy-to-read guidebook explains different strategies to pay for college and dispels myths about the college planning process.

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Subscription to College Keystones

The financial aid and college planning world is an ever-changing process and we want to ensure that you have all the latest information at your fingertips. This is why we include a monthly e-newsletter to enable you and your child the ability to stay ahead of your college planning process. Be aware that the financial aid rules are known to have major and frequent changes every year.

College Funding Plan

We customize a plan that fits your family's individual needs. Our goal is to help you increase financial aid awards and scholarships to decrease your out of pocket. For those dollars you'll have to spend, we'll help you understand how to minimize any negative impact to your long term financial and your retirement plans.

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