Student Planning

College Planning Kit®

college-parent-kit-214x227This kit will become the foundation of your organized approach to college planning. It contains an abundance of valuable tools including a college planning calendar, scholarship information, financial aid reference guides, student and parent loan information, reference websites and key strategies. The binder included in the kit helps keep all your college correspondence, notes from college visits, copies of school applications and much more all in one convenient location.

Complete Month-by-Month Detailed Plan for Every Year of High School

The college planning process can be difficult to understand and harder to keep on track. Our easy to follow step-by-step guide will help your student stay organized and motivated to drive this process throughout high school.  Regardless what year students enroll with us, we'll break down their plan into several 20-minute monthly assignments spread over their four years in high school. We'll also customize their plan by restructuring and condensing tasks when students enroll with us during their freshman through junior years. It couldn't get any easier.

Industry-leading Career Matchmaker Assessment

Figuring out which career path your child will take is an easy first step in lowering your out of pocket for college. With our unique Career Matchmaker Interest Inventory, your child will identify and explore careers that are best suited to their interests and aptitudes. Many students fall into the trap of picking a school or degree first, with little or no consideration of the student's skills, interests and the variety of work and careers that they'd find meaningful and within which the'll be able to flourish. While experience and education will certain further mold the student's direction, understanding more about themselves is a important first step in avoiding unnecessary extra years in and dollars spent on college tuition. Graduating on time also avoids lost income during the extra years in school when graduates could have been working in their career.

Career & Degree Exploration

Armed with a better understanding of themselves and a more purposeful focus and direction, career research can then commence. From career descriptions and profiles to comprehensive databases we have developed a deep reservoir of material that is unmatched in quantity or quality for career exploration. When career options are narrowed substantially or selected, students then research the degree options, accreditation, etc. they'll need to enter that career and be successful. Thanks to our dedicated team we can assure that you and your student will have up to date resources. You will be prepared with the latest information to be successful on your journey.

College Quick Reference

We strive to provide the most convenient information at your fingertips. This is why we are constantly formatting data on universities and colleges in an easy to read, 2-page report. You'll have access to ten different reports to provide you head-to-head comparison of information you'll need, such as: majors, size, admissions & contact data, financial details such as cost, freshman academic profile, campus characteristics, extra-curricular clubs and activities, award history, and more.


Interactive College Maps for all Four-Year and Two-Year Colleges

This feature is a great way to search for colleges around any city using an interactive map. You will be able to zoom into any location around the United States and view scholarships that are located in close proximity. You will also be able to click on the specific college to instantly find the contact information and tuition information. You'll also have a map that identifies the private schools across the U.S.A. that are participating in the Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards Program®. 

Step-by-Step College Admission Guides

Our process has narrowed down the college admissions process to three simple steps. Step one, college exploration where students identify colleges are the right fit for them. Step two, financial aid, to determine the best way to pay for your child's college education. Finally, step three comprises the college application process. It's as simple as 1-2-3.

The CVS System

We developed the College Visit Scoring System to provide a way to measure how well every school you consider matches up to your and your student's expectations. Using our system and criteria rankings derived from the student's educational objectives, you will have a method of evaluating schools that goes beyond visual impressions and prevents relying too heavily on memory. 

Detailed Scholarship Search Tools

Scholarships are an important aspect to college planning. Through our system, we provide the resources to search national and local scholarships and save your results. This powerful search feature enables students to complete their initial search criteria, then return at a later time to saved entries and complete the applications on a priority basis.

SAT & ACT Prep Program


Did you know studies have shown that students perform better in short bursts of information compared to long winded lectures? This is why our web-based courses are organized into easy to understand 15-minute sessions. Anything longer and their ability to absorb new material begins to decline. By using the Method Test Prep, students have seen their ACT scores rise on an average of 3 points and their SAT scores rise an average of 120 points. The further the student works through the checklist the more they are able to improve their scores.


Student College Portfolio Development

The Living Portfolio is not only a great place to keep information but also a place to nurture your child's dreams. Why do we call it a "living portfolio”? Because, it evolves and grows with each individual student as they're transforming career exploration into pathways to success. The Living Portfolio will provide students a valuable storehouse of ideas, action plans and most importantly, knowledge of navigating our occupational learning pages and personal inventories. The best part: it's always just a click away. 

Student Financial Literacy Program

This is the only program that teaches students financial literacy skills by role-playing adult characters dealing with real-life financial challenges. Based upon salaries associated with careers they select, they develop a sense of the standard of living those careers can support. They experience the feeling of having to pay bills and not having enough money. As they move on to learn about the cost of a college education, they'll better appreciate their parents contribution. By adding cost-efficiency to the list of criteria they use to evaluate, this can go a long way toward minimizing their parent's out of pocket and the negative impact that funding college will have on their long term financial goals and retirement plans.

Live Academic Advisor Webinars

We understand everyone learns in a different way. This is why we schedule one-hour group sessions to help throughout the year. These webinars are live and held on many different topics pertaining to college planning. 

"Ask the Academic Expert" Support

We provide you with college academic experts throughout the entire process. Rest assured that if you have any questions regarding student financial aid or the college admission process our experts will be there to provide you with accurate and honest information anytime.

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